Friday, August 27, 2004

Have a Coke

I can't let Terry be the only one to complain about commercials...

Saw the "I wish" commercial (again) last night. The one where the girl is walking down the street, pulling Cokes out of her bag and handing them to people. She's singing the whole time she's handing out Cokes.

Two things that freak me out about this commercial and then a critique.

Freak-out #1. The Cokes she's pulling out of her bag are ALREADY OPENED. Who walks down the street with a bunch of opened Coke bottles in their bag? And what person in their right mind would accept an opened Coke from a complete stranger they pass on the street? That just ain't right.

Freak-out #2. As she walks towards the camera, the folks behind her turn to look watch her pass by. Maybe it's just me, but several of them seemed to be focused on parts of her that are below the camera shot. Which leads me to think, "Is she not wearing pants or are they just pervs?"

Critique. I think this commercial is supposed to invoke shades of the "Hilltop" (I'd like to buy the world a Coke) commercial from the 70s. If so, it's successful in making the connection. The only problem is that once they're connected in your head, you can't help but think about how THIS commercial doesn't really do much for you. The girl sings nice and she has a pretty smile, especially at the end, but the song she sings is really quite forgettable. The first commercial worked so well because it evoked joy in people who saw it. It gave you the feeling that life was good and if you added a Coke on top of that...well, you might as well die and go to heaven 'cause it just doesn't get any better. The song is what made it work - it was light, catchy, simple and VERY singable. This new commercial has none of that.

Then again, maybe it's just me.

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