Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Country muse-kit

"Muse-kit" - the way the Eldest Aardvark Child pronounced music back when she was the Only Aardvark Child.

Lenise left a comment responding to yesterday's post about turning off the radio saying
LittleA, you need to go country.
I understand the sentiment. In fact, I went through an extended period where I WAS country.

Growing up (an extended process for some of us), I was not a big country music fan. My older sister (the middle one) was a HUGE country fan, though, and I don't know if that's why I didn't like it, or if it was something else. My guess is something else. Now, we watched Hee Haw religiously, and so I had a regular exposure to country music and I don't recall HATING it or anything. It just wasn't something I would seek out. I do remember laughing at my sister when she liked this "new" song by Conway Twitty (an unfortunate moniker if ever there was one) called "Slow Hand". That was at least a year (if not more) after the Pointer Sisters had made it a big hit.

Anyway, I was a country music agnostic for many years. (And I use agnostic in its proper sense "a" - without and "gnostic" - knowledge. Or as my preacher says "know nothings") Up until the day I bought my little Toyota pickup truck (around 1994). For some reason, it just seemed ... RIGHT to have the radio on a country station when I was driving that truck. I listened to country regularly until I sold that truck in 2000. And then, since I no longer owned a truck, I stopped.

In case you had any doubts, that should settle it: I'm definitely weird.

We attended Mrs. A's niece's wedding on Saturday (ok, she's my niece too, but she's on her side of the family). I found it humorous that most of the music was of the funk/(c)rap variety with some old rock faves mixed in. Until it came time for dedications/special dances. Every one of them was a country song.

Something about having a real tune and lyrics you can understand I'm sure. Heh.

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