Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bloggus interuptus

Having assessed my current situation at work (including the additional project I was assigned yesterday), I realize I needed to make some changes if I'm going to get everything done a) on time and b) well. Something's got to give, and I'm afraid, dear friends, that something is you.

I'm not going away completely, I'm just not going to post during the day any more. That means I'll have to do my posting early in the morning before I go to work, or later in the evening. (if I can ditch those meddling kids!) That also means that posting will be more sporadic instead of reliably M-F. You can also expect a decrease in the quantity of Aardvark droppings in your comment sections (quality, however will remain reliably low).

I will try to be faithful about posting something at least once a week.

Thanks for understanding.

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