Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What have I become?

I freely admit to being anal-retentive.  But my anal-retentiveness is selective. 
Sock drawer?  Not so much. 
Bathroom hand towel folded neatly?  Yep. 
Old paperwork that needs to be filed laying around in piles?  No problem. 
Bank statement/check book don't balance to the penny?  You betcha.
I've always been persnickety when it came to producing documents/reports.  Headings, margins, font, spacing, white space - all important to the overall look.  One of my current employees has a penchant for typing in ALL CAPS - she learned about computers in the 70s with mainframes and that's how everything was done in those days.  For those of us who got most of our computer skills in the 80's or after, the all caps thing seems rude or at best, ignorant.  She doesn't hate me.  Yet.  But I'm going to give her back some reports she created yesterday with format changes, so that may change.
You'd never know it by reading this stream-of-consciousness drivel, but I'm also very fussy about spelling, and wording and, to the best of my limited knowledge, punctuation (easily my weakest area).  A previous employee would bring me memos to review and then get mad when I consistently made major changes.  "If you don't like the way I write, why don't you just write them yourself?" he said one day.  He really got mad when I told him, "I'm hoping you'll start to pay attention to what I'm changing and learn to write better."  Hey, don't ask if you don't want an answer.
Anyway, what brought all this on was my realization the other day that I had started to channel Lileks.
Back when my department had their annual outing, I managed to bowl the best game and as a result won a $20 gift card to Target.  Rather than use it for something practical (like Diet Pepsi or Diet Dr. Pepper or bubblegum) I splurged and bought two $10 movies:  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (which I had never seen, but had always wanted to) and The Fifth Element (had seen it several times and loved it - Chris Tucker is over the top, as is Gary Oldham, and I've always kind of liked Bruce Willis and then there's Milla Jovovich ... ahem).
So the other day we watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (I liked it, the EAC was just confused by the ending), and as the closing credits ran, the main actors names appear in BIG YELLOW letters on a solid red background.  My first comment?  "Ugh.  I hate the font they're using!  It's ugly."
For those of you who read Lileks regularly, you know EXACTLY why this reminds me of him.  (For those of you who don't, why not?)

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