Thursday, July 01, 2004

A Thursday without questions

Is like a Thursday without sunshine ... Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Anyway it's the something'er'other installment of Alabama's fastest growing inquisition - The Thursday Three®

('course ain't much of an inquisition without the threat of the rack, but you mention "rack" in 'Bama and most folks think of a) barbequed pig b) guns c) pool d) deer antlers or e) er...uh...well, nevermind)

Anyway, without further ado, here are my answers to this week's questions

1) Have you ever been a cast member or extra in a movie or television show about our beloved South?

No, but in junior high I was a hillbilly in the school play. Does that count? If I recall correctly (always doubtful), the character's name was Chiz Upslagger.

2) Knowing that all of you are screenwriting wannabes, give us the outline of the movie or television show you've got on perking away on the back burner.

New York bigot moves South and becomes the chief of police in a racially divided Southern town. What?

Ok, how about small-town sherriff, tired of seeing perps walk due to incompetent prosecution, becomes a lawyer, but something happens while he's in lawschool (mainly his trusty deputy being railroaded on drug charges when the Fed's bust up a cocaine ring operating out of one of the deputies rental properties...They didn't believe he was NATURALLY that jittery.) and he becomes a DEFENSE attorney instead. No?

Ok, then what about an ex-marine who after being dishonorably discharged for accidentally shooting his DS in a live ammo exercise (he got distracted by a skunk that wandered into the fray and forgot to take his finger off the trigger when he turned to tell the DS about it) discovers that he sounds 'differnt' when he sings, makes it big on Broadway and then goes on to host his own prime-time variety show? Too far fetched?


Ok, how about ... ah, I got nothin'.

3) Who do you think is the best actor ever to come from your state? (International readers may substitute province, canton, prefecture, special military district, diocese, etc., as necessary in lieu of state.)

Dan Rather - for pretending to be unbiased.


Oh, I'm sorry. You said BEST actor. Ok, that'd be Betty Buckley (I know, technically an actRESS, but I never have been good at following directions.)

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