Thursday, July 29, 2004

Three things on a Thursday

Jordana was kind enough to allow the rest of us to railroad her into hosting this week's Thursday Three®

As payback, she chose questions that involve thinking.  Worse than just thinking, we have to think about ::shudder:: Democrats!

"What a revoltin' development this is!" - Riley  (I should be too young to know that reference, but somehow I do.)

So, I guess I'll have to suck it up and get on with the questions.

1.  Name three good things about Democrats (if possible consider this from a Republican's perspective).

Democrats are more likely to offer second chances,  they have a strong sense of justice, they tend to look for the "greater good".  Basically, everything I can think of can really be boiled down to this one idea:  most Democrats are genuine in their concern for the less fortunate in society.

2.  Name three bad things about Democrats (if possible consider this from a Democrat's perspective).

Democrats believe so strongly in the goodness of their fellow man that they are many times blind to the potential consequences of their policies when implemented by normal, not-so-noble people.

Democrats are sometimes lulled into accepting evil to advance a "good" cause.  (Al Sharpton, anyone?)  To be fair, Republicans fall prey to this as well, but in my mind, not as often.

Democrats believe in the goodness and rightness of their cause to the extent that those who disagree with them must do so because they are evil.

Now there are some   b r o a d   generalizations.  Please note, I don't think Democrats are bad people.  Misguided and altruistic, yes.  But not bad.   I think that they deal too much with the way the world "should" work and not enough with the way it does.

3.  If you are a Republican/Conservative, what would it take to make you vote for a Democrat? If you are a Democrat/Liberal, what would it take to make you vote for a Republican?

I have voted for Democrats in local/state elections before.  Typically it's because they are conservative enough that in any other state they'd be a Republican.  Sometimes it's because the Republican running is just a good-ol'-Bubba who is interested in lining his own pockets more than representing the people.  And sometimes it's because the Democrat running is the incumbent and I am perfectly happy with the way they've performed in office.

So there you go.

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