Friday, July 16, 2004

Say WHAT!?!

I got a search yesterday for "racism hornstine nj valedictorian".
If you remember last year, Blair Hornstine was the girl (who had a judge for a Daddy) who sued to be the Valedictorian.  It wound up being a royal mess, dividing the school into competing factions, and then wound up getting ugly when some idiots started making physical threats.  (she missed graduation as a result)  I wrote about it here.
Also, as with any case of "be careful what you wish for", it was discovered that Blair had appropriated large chunks of other people's work for some articles she wrote for a local paper - without any attribution.  Can you spell plagiarism?  She claimed she didn't know that was wrong - and she wanted to be Valedictorian?  Hello?
Anyway, in all of the articles I remember reading, I don't ONCE remember any mention of Blair's race.  She could be green for all I know.  So when I got the search for "racism hornstine nj valedictorian," my first thought was, "where'd THAT come from?"  Followed closely by, "I should have known."

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