Friday, July 16, 2004

Party, party, party

I'm home alone from now until Tuesday.
So come on over, we'll play the music loud and stay up all hours (or until 9PM, whichever is later).
Mrs. A has taken the Aardvark children and gone to see my Dad.  Just 'cause I couldn't go is no reason for them not to.
They left early this morning and are stopping in Tulsa to have lunch with some old friends.  Then it's on to Missouri.
I have to work tomorrow - mostly to go to the new office and make sure I'm good to go for Monday morning - but after that who knows what I'll do!  (Besides play Nintendo, play on the computer, work crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and read, that is)
Mrs. A asked if I'd remember to feed the fish and the turtles.  I told her I would if I wasn't too drunk.  
In case you're new around here, that was a joke ... hey, SHE laughed.  (Then again, she has to, doesn't she?)

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