Monday, July 19, 2004

Office space

Well, the move went off without a hitch.  I am now the proud owner of a new window cube.  The good news is that there are trees right outside the window that provide shade.  My old cube had windows but no trees, so I could never open the blinds as they were the only thing between me and the Texas sun/heat.  The bad news is that the new cubes all have walls that I can see over when I'm sitting down.  It brings a sense of "togetherness" that I think will grow old quickly.  Not to mention I'm easily distracted so every movement draws my eye.  (Another reason the Aardvarks sit in the front pew at church)  The lower walls also mean much more noise.  I have my CD/radio aimed away from everyone on the lowest volume setting available.  I can hear it fine, but there's no way I could ever turn it up.
We're not supposed to eat at our desks in this building.  That's a major adjustment for me, since I'm used to eating at my desk almost every day.  So, what's the FIRST thing that happens this morning?  Why, a couple of the HR folks stop in (from our home office) and bring BREAKFAST.  For us to eat AT OUR DESKS, naturally.  It's not for me to question why...
Most of my stuff translates well to my new space.  Except there is no little drawer in this cube to keep my office supplies in.  And being a recovering office supply addict, the idea of leaving my pens, pencils and highlighters out for other people to eyeball makes me just a little bit nervous.  I came in Saturday and discovered that even after making a point of SPECIFICALLY seeking out the IT guys responsible for the move and telling them SPECIFICALLY how I wanted my computer and printer set up in the new location, instead they set it up exactly where I DIDN'T want it.  ::sigh::  Fortunately hooking up computers (and electronics in general) is not something that intimidates me.  (since I used to sell the stuff back when I was in college)  So it's under the desk to unplug and replug and it didn't take long before everything was where it belonged.
We're supposed to have picture IDs made so the first floor security guards know we belong.  Maybe that'll be this afternoon sometime.  Just what the world needs - another picture of me.

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