Friday, July 16, 2004

Moving day at work

No, make that double yuck.
So, I have to pack up my desk and stick labels on everything and then wait.  Of course, it wouldn't be so bad, but in order to PACK my desk, I first have to SEE my desk.  There's a lateral surface here somewhere - so I've been told.  Actually, I did some major filing about a month ago, knowing this was coming, so my desk is ok.  It's my overhead bins that are full of stuff just crammed in there willy-nilly that I have to sort out today.  And of course, most of the stuff that I cram into my overhead bins is stuff I normally keep under lock and key for a reason, so it can't just be thrown away or recycled.  No, it has to be shredded.
Part of my problem is that I'm a packrat and tend to save everything, even if it's for a project long dead or completed.  I've had more than one conversation with my boss that started out, "Do you remember the piece of paper you gave me that I wrote some notes on..."  And most of the time, I can dive in a pile and retrieve it.  I know that it's not worth hanging onto ALL this junk just for the two times a year I MIGHT need something, but it goes against my nature to throw it away.  And sending it to storage is just as bad, because in order to retrieve it you have to recall what you NAMED the box in the first place.  After you've sent three boxes out labeled "LittleA's desk junk", well ... you get the idea.
When I worked at Marconi Hut (or something like that), there was one VP who had an immaculate desk.  If there was paper on it, it was only for what he was working on right then.  Otherwise he filed it, or more often threw it away.  His logic when he threw stuff away was that he could always get another copy from whoever sent it to him in the first place.  I've tried that, but I can't get past throwing GOOD information in the garbage can.
Anyway, packing will be most of my day, and then I have to make sure I still, at a minimum, LOOK busy.  And try to keep my employees looking busy too.  Even though almost everything we have to do is packed away.
Is it 4 PM yet?

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