Thursday, July 22, 2004

Just another hot day in a summer of love

Already sixteen? They grow up so fast - weekly word-fests that is. So, if it's Thursday, it must be time for the latest installment of The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three®. This week's theme - LUV ... Oooh. I'm giddy.

1) Who was your first sweetheart? (Names may be changed to protect the innocent, although we do want to know all the other details.)

My FIRST sweetheart was one of those May-September romances. Actually given that I was only four and she was 19, it was more like a January-March romance, but it was LOVE nonetheless. Her name is Kathy, and I still love her, just not the way I once imagined. She's my sister-in-law now. Back then, she was just my brother's fiancee. I begged her not to marry my brother, pleading with her to wait for me. But our love was not to be. She and my brother are celebrating their 38th anniversary this year.

My first sweetheart my own age was in 2nd grade. Linda Freisen. I chased her all over the playground. Once I actually caught her and I'm not sure which of us was more surprised. Though, not knowing what to do once I caught her, I promptly let her get away. (It would be YEARS before I caught another one. )

2) Of the person you love the very most, which of their character traits of do you find most appealing?

Well, first I think we should clear up who this person is. I should say Mrs. A, and that's the RIGHT answer, but I can't say for sure it's the most ACCURATE answer. There are times when I act as if it really IS all about ME...

But, for the sake of argument, let's assume the question is really:
Other than yourself, of the person you love the very most, which of their character traits do you find the most appealing.
That would be Mrs. A for sure. And the obvious answer is that she puts up with me. The not-so-obvious answer is that she is the most tender hearted person I know. She truly does care about other people and spends a good deal of her time devoted to helping folks who need it. Yesterday, she didn't get home until after midnight, driving a seriously sick friend to a doctor's appointment (scheduled for 5 PM, which is weird) and then waiting with her the extra 5 hours it took to see him (which is REALLY weird, but it's a chemo doctor and I have no experience there to determine what's normal). Today, she is driving the same friend to yet another doctor's visit (in Dallas this time). And if she weren't doing something for these folks, she'd be doing something for someone else. (and no, she doesn't neglect us Aardvarks either) Let's just say, when it's time to separate the sheep from the goats, I have no doubt which side she'll be on.

3) Of all the inanimate objects in your possession, are there any for which you have--if not love--then at least a powerful affection?

As a child, this would have been my stuffed dog pillow. Somewhere my Mom found a peice of material that had the pattern for a dog pillow stamped on it. You just cut out the front and back views of the dog, stuffed it with whatever was handy and then sewed it up. Voila, instant pillow. I think I slept with that pillow until I was well into my teens. I still have it, but it's stored in a box with other 'mementos' from over the years.

As an eighth grader, it would have been my red gym shorts. I lived in those shorts - only taking them off long enough to bathe or to have them washed. Once out of the dryer I put them right back on. I even got to the point where I wouldn't take them off to put on my jeans, just wearing my jeans over the top. It made dressing out for PE a snap. Especially since I had a pair of my brother-in-law's bell bottomed Navy pants so I didn't even have to take off my shoes. My sisters got so sick of seeing me in those red shorts that one day they tackled me, held me down and took them off of me. I still wore them some after that, but I recall being a little more careful when they were around.

As an adult (or at least what passes for one), I don't think I have anything that qualifies. My computer is probably the closest thing to it. Mrs. A might say some of my old T-shirts would qualify.

Oh, wait.

Now that I think about it, I do have one thing: a mechanical toy that was my mothers. It's a bear about seven inches high. It's got a metal frame covered by felt. The arms are metal. The stationary one holds a metal book that's stamped with a simple picture and a word - CAT, DOG- that sort of thing. The arm that moves has a magnet in it. When you wind it, the arm with the magnet grabs the top page of the metal book and flips it to the next page. I always liked this toy as a kid, but wasn't allowed to play with it too much since it was so old. It sits in one of the shadow boxes in the dining room now, safely up from little hands. Or big hands as the case may be.

Heh. All hail Google. Here is a picture of one. And it looks like it's worth about $225.

 (I wouldn't take 100 times that for mine.)

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