Tuesday, July 20, 2004

How long until "Talk Like A Pirate Day?"

Nothing like recycling humor, but just in case you missed it over at Terry's place, he commented in this post that they're doing VBS this week and the theme is
''Discovering the Treasures in God's Word," and there's all sorts of treasure chests and maps and pirate images to interest the little kids. Sort of an odd juxtaposition, I must say, but I think they get the tie-in, however tenuous it might be.
Naturally, this got my pea-brain working and I posted this in the comments,

Heh. Imagine if Moses was a pirate. The Ten Commandments would have turned out a little different, no?

1. Avast on ye other gods.

2. Avast on them graven images too.

3. Don't be using My name unless you mean it. Or I'll 'ave ye walk the plank.

4. Remember who provides your swag and booty and show your gratitude.

5. Don't be disrespecting your Mum and Da you mutinous whelps.

6. Avast on killing you scurvy knaves.

7. Stow your oar where it belongs.

8. Keep your grubby mitts off of swag that isn't yours.

9. Tell the truth or I'll 'ave ye keelhauled.

10. Don't be wanting someone else's booty.

Technically, it wouldn't really have mattered if MOSES was a pirate, since GOD is the one who wrote them, but the general idea is there.  In hindsight, I should have added a "belay" or two ... and as I said in Terry's comments
Stand back in case of lightning strikes.
(Ok, actually it took me TWO THREE comments to say that since I can't seem to spell lightning correctly.  Terry finally set me strate...) 

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