Thursday, July 08, 2004


I don't know what the deal is lately with Haloscan, but if you enter a comment, it may show up immediately, or it may take several hours before it shows up. All without (seemingly, anyway) rhyme or reason. The comment counter is incremented properly and the comments are there when I log into Haloscan, but they don't show up when I open the comments from my page. I'm not really complaining (since it's not a service I'm paying for, it's hard to be too up in arms about it), but just making you aware of what's going on.

At least I haven't been getting the Blogger 404 page this week. (but I think Jim has)


I blame Terry.


I think it's just not showing the most recent comment. Once someone else comments (on ANY post), the missing comment appears and the new comment is missing. I still don't know why, but at least there is a pattern.

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