Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Going "post"-al

I've undergone somewhat of a metamorphosis since starting this blog.  I look at things with a different eye.  LittleA has really become an alter-ego, if you will.  I see something or have a conversation and find myself thinking, "This would make a great post."  (Although, there is STILL some debate on whether I've EVER had a "great post", but that's a different topic altogether.)  Kind of like the comics where Clark Kent whips off his glasses and says, "This looks like a job for ... SUPERMAN!"  Well, except that Superman has super-powers and all and LittleA has, well ... something. 

(Though we're not sure what ... but last we heard it wasn't contagious) 

Maybe we could all agree that LittleA has "stupor" powers?
stupor  A condition of greatly dulled or completely suspended sense or sensibility.
Yep.  That pretty well fits the bill.

Anyway, I had one of those "moments" yesterday as I was driving to pick the EAC (Eldest Aardvark Child) up from work.  I wound up following a Ford Escort which had it's back end completely plastered with bumper stickers.  My first thought was, "Thank goodness the Big Armed Woman isn't here to see this."  (She has such an ... enthusiasm for bumper stickers.  Let's just say that there's a reason Detroit doesn't make rocket launchers standard equipment, OK?)

As I pulled up behind this car at a stoplight, I was able to read all the gems of wisdom affixed thereon.

FAIR trade not FREE trade (Although, there was no indication of who got to decide what was fair)

Close the School of the Americas (SOA) - (I'm sure that the contradiction of this one with the next one never occurred to the driver)

As long as one person is oppressed it's impossible to truly live free (Though, surprisingly there was no indication of support for the Iraq war or the elimination of the Taliban to be seen.  Not to mention stopping the spread of communism in South America.)

No WTO (WTO with the red circle/slash) (Keep third-world countries where they belong.)

Want peace?  Work for justice.  (Though not by actually holding people accountable for their own actions, I'm sure)

I'll stop being pro-feminist in the post-patriarchy  ('Cause those are the only alternatives, don'tcha know)

Support the right to keep and arm bears - accompanied by a picture of a Teddy Bear holding a rifle (Something from the "more puns, less guns" school of philosophy)

Live simply that others may simply live (It's a zero sum game after all.  How dare I buy that ice cream for my daughter!  Some poor kid in the Sudan just starved as a result)

Also a TCU and a UTA parking pass.

I think it's fair to say that whoever owned/drove this car was going to be a teensy bit to the left of me.  The only thing that surprised me was that there were no PETA, Vegan, NOW or Planned Parenthood slogans.  I expected the driver to be a woman and I was right, but she was much younger (and prettier too) than I had pictured.  (The parking passes should have tipped me off, but they looked old.)  That would explain the lack of the other slogans - she just hasn't had time to embrace those causes yet.  

I was just thankful I wouldn't have to engage this young lady in conversation.  I doubt that we would be able to find much to agree on other than we both think the other is blind to the truth.

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