Thursday, July 01, 2004

From the referral logs

It's been a while since I trolled the referral logs for material, but this morning I had somebody asking, do possum's hurt people? Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is, "What's Terry done now?" On further reflection, I realized that (unlike all those other times) this time it had nothing to do with Terry.

So, the answer is, "Yes, but only by jumping in front of cars hoping to make them crash."

Next on the search list is, Vandy "Nicknames". And I have to assume that since "Nicknames" is in quotes that we're not looking for REAL nicknames like The Commodores, but for snotty, sarcastic nicknames. Well, you're in luck. I happen to know that the Vandyites are also known as "boogerheads", "ridiculously dressed English fop persons" and "Tim". (No need to thank me, really. It's common knowledge.)

Then someone came along looking for a wizbang popcorn machine. All I know is that if your popcorn machine starts making those kind of noises, you need to ask JoeBob where exactly his "secret hiding place" for the ammunition really is. Oh! And you might want to duck in the mean time.

Finally, somebody came here looking for mammas cleavage. Always happy to help. It looks something like this. Don't stand too close or you're liable to get hurt.

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