Friday, July 30, 2004

Dodging bullets

Last night the Aardvarks were all sitting around watching reruns of Early Edition and Diagnosis Murder.   (convention?  what convention?)   I noticed that Mrs. A was wearing a shirt I hadn't seen much and so I took the opportunity to comment.

"That's a nice looking shirt, sweetheart.  Is that one of your new ones?"

"Yes, it is." 

"I thought it was the YAC's," said the Eldest Aardvark Child.

"Mom doesn't wear my clothes," said the Youngest Aardvark Child.

"I did that once," says Mrs. A, "and I could if I wanted, since all the YAC's shirts are adult smalls."

"Adult smalls," says I.  "You used to wear shirts from the boys department."

I leaned aside to the YAC and EAC and said, "Your mother was about 'this' big around when I married her." (making a circle with finger and thumb)

"And what am I NOW?" says Mrs. A with a glint in her eye.




"Now?  Why, now you're ...  VA - VA - VOOM!"  says I.  (giving the universal oscillating hand motion for women)

(Whew.  That was close!)

Mrs. A laughed and said, "Nice recovery."

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