Friday, July 02, 2004


My days of lunch-time frivolity may be drawing to a close.

The building that we are in is once again filled to capacity. The last time we were this full, we were able to do some remodeling and convert closets and file rooms into workspaces. This time, we're all out of closets and file rooms.

So, the company is going to build a two-story addition and is planning to break ground around the end of July (or as soon as the ground dries out enough thereafter). Naturally this new addition is going up right outside my window - which means that by the time it's done I won't HAVE a window. (not to worry, this won't be my spot then either) Needless to say, the building process will be very noisy and very ::cough::cough:: dusty.

The solution? Two of the deparments (mine being one of them) on this side of the building will be moving to an off-site location in mid July! Yippee skippy. It's only about five miles down the road, but in the wrong direction. And the traffic from here to there is notoriously bad. I figure it will add between 40 minutes to an hour a day to my commute time. (But the job is good, so it's still worth it)

So what does this have to do with lunch, you ask? Good question. I'm getting there.

The new building we'll be in has much different rules from this one (which we own). One of the new rules is that you can't eat at your desk. Oh, you can have a small snack if you must, but nothing resembling real food. There is a cafeteria several floors up that you can eat in, or you can go out to eat.

Now, me being cheap means that I'll be taking my lunch up to the cafeteria more days than not. But there are no computers in the cafeteria, which means that I'll not be able to surf and blog my lunch hour away. ::pout::

The good news is that I do now own a Palm, and so I can take that with me and do some off-line blogging and just upload it later, so I won't have to go cold turkey (which coincidentally is what I normally eat for lunch). But I think you will notice a change in the overall volume and frequency of posts. Another positive is that moving to and being in a new building will probably provide plenty of fodder for new posts.

Anyway, thought I should warn you. Move date is the 17th.

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