Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Almost time!

Well, the phone rang a minute ago and it was Francesca!  She and her friend Eleanor have arrived safely and things are all set.  I leave work in about 20 15 10 minutes to head downtown for some BBQ ribs and a whole lot of gabbing.  That is unless Francesca turns out to be shy and reticent, in which case we'll spend the next little bit in an awkward silence interrupted only by the arrival of the waiter/waitress asking if we'd like some more ribs. 

(Something tells me that won't be the case.)

It looks like we picked the right restaurant, since it's right across the street from the hotel.  The thunder is rolling outside my window and it looks mighty dark.  If it does wind up raining, at least she and Eleanor won't have to slog six or eight blocks in a downpour.

I'll have a full report tomorrow.  (And Jim, I'm eating a rib for you, bud!)

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