Thursday, June 03, 2004

Unwritten social laws

There are some things that, while not necessarily forbidden, are just not done in public. Like picking your nose (fortunately, or unfortunately depending on which side you're on, the automobile doesn't count as "in public" even though it has all those windows and all), or flossing your teeth, or blowing your nose while at the dinner table, or shall we say, making "fine tuning" adjustments to various parts of your anatomy. These are the things that you see people do without seemingly a second thought while you're thinking, "I would never even DREAM about doing that."

I saw another violation of an unwritten social law yesterday while dining at Taco Bell. And while not on the level of the aforementioned violations, I was nonetheless sitting there thinking, "That wouldn't even have occurred to me."

You know how when you buy a drink at a fast food place, the refills are free? (which is why you should ALWAYS buy the smallest size) I watched a woman pull up, get out and come in with her Taco Bell cup. She dumped out what was in the cup and proceeded to refill it and walk out.

Now, I'd been there some time when I witnessed this, so I know she hadn't just been there. Sometimes, when this happens routinely, the management of a place will put up a sign saying "free refills for this visit only" or something like that. But when it's not a routine occurrence, there is no sign, because EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW that this is the rule. And yet, there are people who don't. Or worse yet (which is what I believe, being all cynical and all), they know but DON'T CARE, or somehow think that they are the exception, or that it's only wrong if someone catches them. Where do people get this attitude of entitlement?

Then again, I could be over-analyzing things and really just need a nap.

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