Thursday, June 03, 2004

Unexpected news

Of an indeterminable nature.

I talked to my Dad on Sunday and he had gone to see the doctor on Thursday and after examining him, she thought they could be going in the wrong direction with his diagnosis. His problem could be related to an obstruction of his bladder. So, she sent him off for an ultrasound and called in some new medication to the pharmacy. When I talked to him, he hadn't heard the results from the ultrasound, but said that after taking the first dose of medication on Thursday night, he felt much better on Friday. And on Saturday too. Better than he's felt in a long time.

So, when I said earlier that he may live another ten years out of sheer orneriness, I may have been prophetic. Who knows. I'm in uncharted waters, and my Dad's reluctance to seek medical attention has contributed to everyone's increasing reliance on supposition and speculation as to what his condition and prognosis is. This latest change may be indicative of a possible return to normalcy, or it may be just a temporary respite like the calm before a storm. Only time will tell. He did turn 86 last week, so even a return to normalcy may turn out to be a temporary respite.

I hate the yo-yo nature of this situation; sounding the alarm only to discover you cried wolf, only to discover there was a wolf after all, only to discover that the wolf was de-fanged and de-clawed, only to discover that he had a pistol hidden away who knows where, only to discover there were no bullets in the gun...

Two of the things in life that bug me the most are 1) not knowing and 2) not being able to influence the outcome. Which makes this situation seem tailor made to teach me something. (i.e. I don't like it)

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