Monday, June 07, 2004

Truly it is written that the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike

However tis the just who take it somewhat more personally...


And on the seventh day of the sixth month in the eighteenth hour, the Lord did most graciously grant his servant the power of cooling; and cooling was had throughout the land and there was great rejoicing in the habitations thereof.


And the people didst feel the cool comfort for nigh on three parts of an hour. Which made the great anguish of its perishing all the more merciless. Yeah, and forsooth, the people were sorely vexed; and a great wrath arose and stirred among the people. With pitchforks and torches they prepared to lay waste. Verily, twas only the absence of a dignitary of so great a power that stayed the people's smiting vengeance.

And then, in the darkness was felt a stirring of the breeze. Soft? What is this that doth present itself so comfortingly upon my brow? Tis the cool comfort once more returned! Perchance to stay?

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