Thursday, June 03, 2004


Thursday? Thursday? Nope, nothin' special 'bout Thursday that I recall...

Wait a minute! Better check out the Awesome Possum for my Thursday talking points.

First question: What is the most daring thing you have ever done in public?

I'm really not a very daring guy. But I DO have a hat that used to make my kids complain about being seen with me. "You're not going to wear THAT hat again, are you Dad?" I bought it in San Francisco. (Now CUT THAT OUT! Not EVERYONE in San Francisco is that way, you know) It has a built in pony tail that matches my hair color. I wear it for the shock value in case I run across someone I know.

Second question: Who was your favorite Cartwright on Bonanza?

Hoss, though I always thought he was named that for his brain capacity. He's the type of guy you want when the job requires a size 40 shirt and a size 2 hat.

As a bonus, the best Bonanza parody I've run across is by Isaac Air Freight. It's the story of Little Joe as the prodigal son. If you've never heard Isaac Air Freight, it's worth investing in their classic CD.

Third question: The South has long been known as a hotbed of scientific research and innovative inventors. (Yes, really!) Assuming for a moment that you yourself are an innovative Southern inventor, what device, tool, apparatus, implement, contrivance or other synonym do you think the world is ready for?

A Combination Brain Capacitor/Teeth Regeneration Ray. So I can ZAP all the stoopid (sic), toothless rednecks I see in the hopes that their children WON'T GROW UP JUST LIKE THEM! Do it for the children!®


I think someone needs a nap.

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