Thursday, June 24, 2004

Thursday? Check. Three? Check

Hide the children and keep the pets indoors! The (supposedly) twelfth installment of the Thursday Three® is here!

1. What is the best summer job you ever had, either in high school or college?

I never had a summer job in high school, and in college, my summer job was the same as my winter, spring and fall job. So how about I freelance a little and tell you about the summer job I had when I was in ELEMENTARY school?

For many years, my dad was the general manager for a bulb farm. Daffodils mostly, with some iris and gladiolas sprinkled in. The flowers were picked in the spring and in the summer, the bulbs were dug up, separated, treated and stored awaiting replanting in the fall. The bulbs were dug up by machine, but the machine didn't gather them, it just left them laying on the ground. I was a bulb picker. My job was to take a bucket down the row, fill it with bulbs, and empty it into a mesh sack. Repeat as many times as necessary. You got paid by how many full sacks you gathered (just a few cents per sack, as I recall). It was hot, dirty, dusty, back-breaking work, but I did like getting paid. And what else was a ten year old going to do to earn a few bucks? I think the most I ever made over a summer was about $250, but that was BIG money as far as I was concerned.

2. (And, as you can guess) What was the worst summer job you ever had?

Same as above. Did I mention it was hot, dirty, dusty and back-breaking? You were assigned a row and you could quit whenever you wanted, as long as you finished your row. I'm sure the rows weren't as long as I remember, but some of them seemed to go on for half a mile or more.

3. Finally, was there ever a summer dream job you wanted, but you never got?

Does costume fitter for Lynda Carter count?

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