Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Stating the obvious

One of the ongoing projects at the Aardvark burrow is cleaning up the YAC's room. Let's see, she's 13, so this project has been going on for at least the last 12 years.

The other day, Mrs. A mentioned to me that we may need to get her another bulletin board for her room. The one she has is half cork and half dry-marker board and she says that the dry marker stuff has been on there so long it won't come off.

"What have you tried to clean it with?" I ask the YAC?

She licks her thumb and holds it up.

"Well, maybe you could use something a little stronger first?"

"I can't erase some of what's on there. It's important."

So, last night, as we're putting her to bed (smoochies!), on the way into her room I lick MY thumb and apply it to the "e" in "Voltron Force." (see here for context) Hmmm. Comes right off.

"I got the marker to come right off, sweetie."

"What did you erase?" she says, wide eyed.

"The 'e' from 'Voltron Force'," says I.


She proceeds to grab the marker and carefully replace the 'e'.

"Is THAT what was so important?" I ask, incredulous.


"You are such a bizarre child."

"Well, DUH!"

I guess I have to claim her, huh?

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