Friday, June 18, 2004


You know, I work for a pretty good company. Maybe working so many years for a soul-numbing large corporation has its advantages. I know I certainly have an enhanced appreciation for kindness and decency as a result. Because the company I work for is privately held, the owners are able to bring a personal touch to the workplace that just doesn't exist in the public realm. When employees get an extra benefit, you know it's not because the owners have to provide it, it's because they want to.

Most places recognize employee tenure with a certificate and a handshake, maybe some sort of lapel pin or tie tack when you start gathering a substantial number of years. They do that here to. But after 5 years, you get a booklet to pick a goodie from. (And at 10 and 15 and 20 years too.) And it's not the cheesy socket wrench set or candy dish or duffel bag that you sometimes see, the 5 year stuff is good. I did some checking and most gifts seemed to fall in the $80 - $100 retail range. One of my employees hit 10 years recently and she picked a Bose Wave Radio with CD (retail approximately $500). I've glimpsed the 20 year booklet and there's some REALLY nice stuff in it.

Anyway, I hit the 5 year mark last month and so I ordered one of these. It came yesterday. It's not EXACTLY like the one I linked to - mine only has 2MB of memory instead of 8MB, but other than that I think they're the same.

SWEET! Do you KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? I can now blog from anywhere! Home, work, church, the doctor's office, the car...the BATHROOM!


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