Thursday, June 03, 2004

It's a good thing it's not summer

Or it would really be hot.

I think the high yesterday was in the low 90s. The night before last, when the power went out, the house wasn't too bad since the AC had been on all day and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees when the storms blew in. It was stuffy, but not too uncomfortable to still be able to sleep well. Last night we were still without power, which meant the AC had been off all day and so the house was 82 degrees when we went to bed. And still 80 degrees at 3 AM this morning. We didn't open the windows before we went to bed because a) there were more storms coming in and b) someone has nightmares about people coming through the windows when we leave the windows open and wakes up screaming. I finally opened the windows at 3 and told Mrs. A that she should start thinking happy thoughts. The bedroom cooled quite a bit and the temperature in the living room at 6:30 was all the way down to ... 77!

There are still quite a number of people in the area without power, although in our neighborhood it seems confined to about three blocks. It is aggravating when you can look out your front door and see that the folks across the street have power. Mrs. A spent a good deal of yesterday ferrying around our very sick friend and so when I got home, both girls were sprawled across their beds acting moody and listless. Packed 'em up and spent the majority of the evening hanging out at the mall.

Fortunately, our water heater is gas, so we still have hot water for showers, even if you have to take them by candlelight. (Which could be FUN if it were under different circumstances, if you know what I mean. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) And Mrs. A got most of our perishable foodstuffs over to a friend with freezer space, so I don't think we'll be out too much there. Mostly it's just inconvenient.

I hope the electricity is back on by this evening, 'cause I think everyone will be a little more congenial with a good night's sleep. I told my boss this morning that I was going to sit in my cube and try to not tick anybody off today by acting like Mr. Crankybutt. We'll see.

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