Wednesday, June 23, 2004


So Monday afternoon finds me on the road again with the car pointed towards home.

As is the case quite often on long road trips, the mind sometimes wanders and doesn't always register what the eyes see, especially if it is something off the road not related to vehicular operations.
"Well let's see I don't think I forgot anything how long have I been on the road not quite two hours there's some cows that'll put me into another Branson billboard Tulsa about eight are those horses or mules I can't quite tell from here and I'll need to get gas that should be a little over three hundred miles on this tank more cows I wonder if I'll get the same kind of mileage going back mile marker 18 almost to the Oklahoma border should take about 15 minutes three elephants by that pond don't think I need to stop at the rest area I should be good to Tulsa ... wha? ..."
Yes, there were three small African elephants in a field about 10 miles East of Joplin, Missouri. I couldn't catch the name on the building (the one with the pond behind it) but it said something something "Circus".

Ok, I am sane. (Well, that's still up for some fair amount of debate) At least the elephants weren't pink.

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