Monday, June 28, 2004

Company outing

Went to The Main Event Friday night. Bowling, pizza and pool - hard to go wrong with that.

Yours truly bowled the high game of the night. Truth is, it's probably my second best game ever. What's the saying? "I'd rather be lucky than good." That was me.

I bowled a 118 my first game, which is about my average. The second game I started with an open frame. And didn't have another open frame until the 9th. A bunch of spares (besides the ones bowling) and a turkey in the middle. Managed to spare the 10th too, and as a result I wound up with a 186.

Maybe all those bowling tournaments I watched on TV as a kid are starting to pay off. Either that, or I was channeling "The Dude" Lebowski. Or was it Roy Munson?

Anyway, I found out today that I won a $20 gift card to Target for having the highest score. Sweet! (even if they don't carry brake fluid)

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