Monday, June 14, 2004

Anyway, ...

Had a good weekend. A little excitement on Friday night that turned out ok - cosmetic tire damage only, no front-end problems. Mowed the grass (which didn't QUITE need baling, but was close) and donated platelets on Saturday, though, thankfully, not at the same time. Managed a nap on Sunday afternoon too, though it was more of a "rest" than a nap since I remember tossing and turning quite a bit.

VBS report at church Sunday night and, because the kids met their goals, the pastor and his wife showed up with their hair sprayed green and purple. (It does take a LITTLE bit more concentration to listen to a sermon delivered by a guy with green and purple hair, but not too much. I think it bothered him more than any of the rest of us.) As Ray Stevens would say, if he was in San Francisco, it would be so unremarkable that people would think he was an insurance salesman (The Haircut Song).

Or a preacher.

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