Thursday, May 13, 2004

Thinking in threes

The Possum uses his Weevil powers of persuasion to once again get us to respond.

1) Have you ever used an outhouse? And we’re not talking portapotty, but a real, live, honest to goodness, wood-plank-over-a-hole, crescent-moon-door-cutout, infested-with-dirt-daubers privy. Please describe the experience.

Yep. The first church I remember attending had no indoor plumbing a'tall. It did however have a FOUR SEATER outhouse with a dividing wall down the middle so the ladies had two seats on their side and the gentlemen likewise. It was sometime around 1968 before they got around to plumbing the church building proper. Coincidentally, the cemetary (or graveyard as we always called it) behind this church is where my mother is buried (and where my father will be someday).

2) Have you ever called livestock for feeding? If so, please describe the type of animal, and a general approximation of the call used.

Nope. We did have a couple of horses and some cows, but there wasn't much calling done that I recall. Now if you'd have said 'farm animals' instead of 'livestock', I could have included our dog Sam - four short whistles with a "Here Sam!" at the end.

3) Have you ever driven a tractor upon a public street? Again, if so, please describe any backstory you deem necessary to allow our less well-rounded readers to fully appreciate the experience.

No again. But I've RIDDEN on a tractor being driven down a street. Does that count? Isn't much to tell as the neck of the woods we were in didn't get much in the way of traffic anyway.

Sorry for the lack of entertainment. Hopefully everyone else will pick up the slack.

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