Monday, May 24, 2004

Pretty, talented, smart...and just a pinch of sass

Obnoxious bragging alert. Don't say you weren't warned.

The high school had an assembly Friday afternoon to announce the results of the TAKS test - the statewide mandated you-must-pass-to-graduate test. The Junior class as a whole did very well, but there was ONE student who was designated as "exemplary". To be recognized as exemplary, you must pass all four parts with a score of 90 or better.

As you may have guessed, the EAC was the exemplary student.

When they called her name, she was thinking, "Great, like some people don't already hate me." ::sigh:: It doesn't change as you get older, sweetie. The reality is that most kids do like her (what's not to like?) and it's only a few of the envious types who don't.

After the assembly, Keith, who is a very gifted and talented actor, but who also tends to believe his own press (thereby acting like a prima donna), came up to her and said, "You need to slow down a bit and let some of us catch up." (she's also on track to be valedictorian)

The YAC's response?

"No, you just need to up your game."

Boo Yah!

UPDATE: Oops. Boy am I embarrassed. But it's been one of those days. The last three sentences of this post should read:
The EAC's response?

"No, you just need to up your game."

Boo Yah!
Sorry for the confusion.

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