Friday, May 28, 2004

Like, dude, I'm totally freaked

We have a new talk radio station that started up about a month ago. Their big angle is that all of their programming from 5 AM to 9 PM is carried live. No tape delays. So if you want to call in live you can (I don't and I don't). Most of their shows are new to the market: Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, and Michael Savage (the only show that was already on in this market and just switched stations).

I'm driving home from work yesterday and I flip the radio on to the Hugh Hewitt show. (Lileks talks about him all the time so that automatically makes him hip) Hugh is only on for an hour before they drop him to pick up Michael Savage's show. Which means I'll switch stations because I can't stand Savage's schtick - something about his need for sycophantic adulation (which he provides himself if the callers won't) and his vitriolic manner just makes me feel like I need to shower after hearing his voice.

Anyway, so I turn on Hugh Hewitt's show and of course he's on vacation and has a substitute host. A guy from NYC by the name of Kevin McCullough. "Hey!" I think to myself (like who else would I think to?), "I used to know a kid named Kevin McCullough." He was my best friend's cousin's kid. I think the last time I saw him he was 13 or 14 and was a skinny, 'me too' type who always wanted to hang around us cool college kids (like I was ever cool). But this couldn't be the same guy, I mean, the last I heard he had gone to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute and was working part-time at a radio...s...t...a...t...i...o...n...

Nah! Couldn't be the same guy. Besides that was probably 10 years ago. There must me a thousand guys named Kevin McCullough.

So what's the first thing he mentions? That he's just moved recently to NYC from the Chicago area. "It's just a coincidence," I tell myself. Besides, this guy is talking about politics and stuff and he sounds like he knows what he's doing. That CERTAINLY can't be the same guy...the little snot-nosed...

Then he starts talking about growing up on the West side of Fort Worth.

Ok, that's just freaky, man. IT IS HIM. Then it hit's me, the last time I saw him IT WAS IN MY HOUSE! Of course, it wasn't MY house then, it was his Great Aunt and Uncle's house (the parents of my best friend), but this guy I'm listening to on the radio was IN MY HOUSE.

(Note to self: You need to start being nicer to dorky kids. You just never know...)

Anyway, it just weirded me out.

So then, Mrs. A and I are talking about the daughter of a friend. She's graduating this year and her mom was hoping the dad (they're both remarried - to other people) would be coughing up for a new computer. "I mean, Jeff DOES work in I.T.," Mrs. A says. "And his dad is in charge of the warehouse."

"WAIT A MINUTE!?! What do you mean his dad is in charge of the warehouse? You mean Jeff's dad is Clarence?!?"

Both of these guys still work for the company I used to work for, and while I knew both of them had the same last name, I NEVER put the two together. When I was in college, I wound up working at the warehouse and Clarence was one of my bosses. Later, Jeff's (new) wife wound up working for me and it only took me six months or so to realized I KNEW the kids in the photos on her desk.

Just goes to show you a) how slow on the uptake I am, and b) it's a small world after all. (Gah!!! The song...make it stop!!!!!)

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