Thursday, April 08, 2004


Setting: The Youngest Aardvark Child is in the kitchen looking at Mrs. A's uplifting thought-of-the-day calendar (which hasn't been changed in a while). LittleA and the missus are sitting on the sofa in the living room, drinking their morning coffee.

YAC: "What's today?"

Mrs. A: "The eighth."

LittleA: "Thursday."

YAC, flipping calendar pages: "Dad, I KNOW it's Thursday."

LittleA: "Technically that's the answer to the question you asked. 'Today' generally refers to the day of the week."

YAC: "How else would I ask it, then, 'What's toDATE?'"

LittleA: "No, you'd ask 'What's THE date...toDUH.'"

YAC: "Bon soir, bone-head!"

LittleA: "Exactly."

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