Thursday, April 08, 2004

Thursday Three

Though not an official member of the Axis of Weevil, here are my answers to the inaugural Thursday Three.

1) What is your favorite food that is usually available only in the southern United States?

Wow, this is a toss-up between smoked brisket, Little Debbie's snack cakes and Blue Bell ice cream. How about a favorite meal of brisket, potato salad (mustard), baked beans (with lots of bacon) and Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream for dessert? Then again, batter fried fish with hush puppies is good too. Or chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, Ranch Style beans, corn and plenty of cream gravy. Or biscuits and cream gravy with sausage in it and fried grits. Ok then, that settles it. All of the above.

2) What is your least favorite?

No problem here. Black eyed peas. Because they taste like dirt. You can keep your mustard and collard greens too.

3) AND FINALLY...what Southern specialty food item do you cook the best?

If you ask my dad, it's burritos with all the fixin's. I like taking hot dogs and heating them in a mixture of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce (so your eyelids sweat). Just make sure you have extra bread for sopping.

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