Thursday, April 29, 2004

Thursday Three-for-all

The Possum strikes again. But I've got to complain just a little. What gives with all these questions where you have to THINK? And that part about requiring us to be CREATIVE too!?! It's just too much, I tell ya. Too. Much. At least for this fluffy brain.

Ok, I feel better now. So, where were we? Ah, yes, answering the questions.

1) What one popular movie, show, book, drama, scene, or other such thing, does the best job of capturing an honest portrayal of the South?

Believe it or not, (your choice) I'm going to say Forrest Gump. Forrest embodies many "Southern" concepts. He's charming, honest, loyal, chivalrous, not defeated by adversity, deeper than most folks give him credit for and has the strength of character to do what's right. All that and he's still naive. Yep, we could use a few more Forrests in this world.

2) What one popular movie, show, etc. etc., does the worst job of honestly portraying the South?

Smokey and the Bandit, Cool Hand Luke or Greased Lightning. Take your pick (and pass me that boiled egg, would ya?).

3) Knowing that you will eventually get around to writing your novel or screenplay (which will, of course, be set in the South), could you go ahead and give us a plotline and the first paragraph?

A young man comes to value the hometown he once desperately longed to escape.

It wasn't much of a place to look at. Crabtree that is. Not much more than an old gas station, a hardware and feed store, and a scattered hand-full of houses. Most of them were what you might call fixer-uppers as the folks living there had long ago ceased to care. Old hulks of rusting out cars dotted the yards around the houses. For some reason never fully explained, the people of Crabtree didn't trade-in their old car when they got a new one. They just drove it out to the edge of the yard and parked it. Maybe they figured the youngsters needed a place to play. There wasn't much in the way of playground equipment to be seen. Well, other than the occasional tire swing or 2 X 6 slung through the lower rail of a fence to make an impromptu seesaw. It wasn't unusual to find a kid behind the wheel of an abandoned car, yawing on it with all their strength, making the appropriate engine and tire noises while their minds took them to faraway places.

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