Thursday, April 22, 2004

Tertiary Thursday Triad

Questions from a sleep deprived Possum. (12:24 AM !?! Egads man!)

1) What three (3) Southern places, towns, or regions (aside from your own, if you currently reside in the South) do you think you would enjoy living in?

Springfield, Missouri - a big, small town.
North Carolina - I liked it ok when I was four.
Alabama - the Oglesby's and the Cornett's make a pretty good chamber of commerce pitch.

2) What 3 (three) Southern places, towns, or regions (aside from, &c., &c.) have you ever visited and would never want to set foot in again? (I make the special note that you must have actually visited there, mainly because some people have irrational negative opinions about places based entirely upon what they have heard from others. Nothing like first-hand experience.)

Pasadena, Texas - Unfortunately I have to visit because this is where my Mother-in law lives. Lot's of petrolium processing plants. Unofficial motto: "Where the air is greener."
Hot Springs, Arkansas - Spent a week there one day. Some folks just rave over the place, but it didn't wow me at all. Maybe it was the high school pictures of young Bill Clinton that turned me off.
Midland/Odessa, Texas - Hot, flat, dry, dusty, middle-of-nowhere. It's a good place to be from.

3) Finally, what are the three most distinctly Southern tourist traps you have ever visited?

Hot Springs, Arkansas - See above. Small town charm at inflated tourist prices.
The Alamo - People mostly go just to say they've been.
New Orleans (Sugar Bowl trip on Nokia's ticket) - Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and hat to prove it. Once was enough. Somehow, watching them hose the vomit off Bourbon street in the mornings makes the place lose its charm.

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