Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Press conference

Since I know y'all are just holding your breath, wondering what I thought...

Best moment of the night: Towards the end of the press conference when GWB was speaking about freedom, you could tell it was something that he felt a passion for. He had a fire in his eyes as he spoke about all people deserving to be free. What a refreshing thing to see from the leader of the free world. The reporters and talking heads (Peter Jennings...anyone?) come across as cynical and manipulative by comparison. The only thing they get passionate about is how much smarter they are than the rest of us.

Worst answer of the night: Non-answer to the question on why he and Dick Cheney are testifying together to the 9/11 commission instead of separately. Worst answer redeemed by the fact that this was the worst question of the night. I mean, who really cares?

It was pretty obvious that the reporters wanted the president to say something they could club him with in today's papers and in the months to come. It was also pretty obvious that GWB wasn't going to oblige them. I don't recall anyone asking Carter to apologize for the hostage situation, Reagan for the Lebanon bombing or Clinton for the Cole incident. Was Roosevelt expected to apologize to the American people for failing to prevent Pearl Harbor?

Nobody asked the president what his biggest successes have been. I wonder why? Jerks.

Biggest question that SHOULD have been asked, but wasn't: Once Iraq has been stabilized, what's the next step in the War On Terror? Too busy playing 'gotcha!' to do any REAL reporting.

Overall, not the president's best performance, but solid. He came across as genuine and practical; a guy who likes to solve his own problems. Someone who knows that both action and inaction have consequences and so isn't paralyzed when it comes time to make a decision. Compare that with John Kerry, who strikes me as a guy with big ideas but with no idea of how the world works for the rest of us, and who values being popular much more than being right. As we say in Texas, I think I'll dance with the one what brung me.

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