Tuesday, April 20, 2004

My sister, Silly

I have three sisters, all older than me. (Which makes sense, since I am the baby) The sister that's closest to me in age is five years older than I am. She's always been one of those people who catches a joke about five minutes after everyone else has laughed and moved on. She has been known to be sitting quietly and then laugh out loud because she just 'got' what somebody said to her days before. To top it off, she is also known for being gullible. "Really?" Which is why we called her Silly - an appropriate derivative of her real name. Even today, when I call her, the first thing I say, even if I know she's the one who answered the phone is, "May I speak to Silly please?"

Just to give you an example, I was in the seventh grade when Watergate was in full bloom. My sister, Silly, was a senior in high school and was taking the government class required for graduation. On the way home from church one Sunday, she asked my dad, "Daddy, I keep hearing about Watergate. What's that all about anyway?"

Never one to let such a golden opportunity go by, my father began...

"Well, they've built this dam in Washington DC, and part of the structure are the water gates. These are the gates they open and close to control the flow of water over the dam. They had a lot of rain one day, and when they went to close the water gates, they discovered they didn't work. As a result of the water gates not working properly, a large portion of Washington DC was flooded. What they're trying to do now is figure out who is responsible for the damage. The contractor claims that it's not their fault because the government didn't break-in the water gates like they were told to, and the government says it's the contractor who's responsible."

"Oh," my sister said.

I was able to keep from laughing for about 10 seconds. She still hears that story from time to time.

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