Tuesday, April 20, 2004

My daughter, Silly

For some reason, most of the male children of my siblings have at one point or another been called by MY name. At my oldest nephew's wedding, he introduced me to his new bride by saying, "This is my infamous Uncle, LittleA." Infamous! What did I do? Anyway, I find it HIGHLY amusing that I am now able to call the EAC "Silly", for she dispays many of the same characteristics my sister is famous for. "Oh. Huh, huh. I get it!" is routinely heard at our house.


Dinner time conversations at the Aardvark house can be an esoteric experience. Last night, Mrs. A had a headache, and as she was getting dinner on the table, she had several opportunities to say, "Shhhhh." (not that we're LOUD or anything) So, when it came time to 'pray the food', I asked the EAC to pray, quietly. It's a good thing God has a sense of humor, because we were all giggling as she began to whisper her prayer. "Perhaps it would be ok, if you were a little bit louder," I said as she paused to regain her composure.

At some point, the YAC began to tell us of her conversation earlier in the day with one of the boys at school.

YAC: "So then he said, 'You know which Lord of the Rings character you remind me of?'
And I said, 'Eowyn?'
And he said, 'Who's that?'
'The fighter chick who's in love with Aragorn. Like she ever stood a chance with him.'
'Oh, no that's not who I was going to say.'
'Well who then?'
So then he says, 'Galadriel?'
'I don't think so.'
'Ok, well how about that other chick?'
'Yeah, that's her.' Like I would ever be anybody BUT Arwen. Stupid boys.
And then he says, 'Well who do you like, Aragorn?'
'No. Duh. Legolas.'
'Why do all the girls like Legolas, anyway?'
'Well, let's see, he's tall and blond and has blue eyes and pointy ears and he's cute. It's not just one of those, it's the whole package.'"

EAC: "Oh yeah! You know I don't understand why the guys all like Arwen and not Eowyn. I mean Eowyn kicks major booty. You'd think guys would like that 'Butt kicking for goodness!' stuff."

LittleA: "Uh, no sweetie. That's not what most guys are attracted to. They'd rather have the kind of girl like Arwen who they can dream about. You know, major babe-age."

EAC: "Well, what about Wonder Woman? She was a major babe and still kicked butt."

Mrs. A: "It wasn't her abilities that men liked."

LittleA: "Uh. Yeah. Uh. She had OTHER assets, if you know what I mean."

Mrs. A: "Something to hold up that costume."

LittleA: "Yeah. Where do you think the Wonder Bra came from?"

EAC: "Really?"

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