Wednesday, April 07, 2004

LittleA - Art Critic

It's more than just a little ironic that I catch up on all the movies I want to see (and some I didn't) when I go to visit my dad. I was never allowed to go to movies when I was a kid. Didn't matter if it was the latest Disney flick or if it was the preacher's kid that invited me, I couldn't go. I never figured out what was so awful about going to the movies (still haven't), but that was one of the first things I did when I got out on my own. (and one of my first movie theater experiences was sitting in a packed house watching a sneak preview of Raiders of the Lost Ark - truly a special memory)

But now, since they don't get out much, all the kids have started sending the folks tapes. This last time, I watched Catch Me If You Can for the first time. (the time before it was October Sky and the time before that it was The Count of Monte Cristo) I enjoyed the movie, but I also have had the honor (?) of actually meeting the guy the movie was about (Frank Abignale) at one of his fraud seminars. He also took a quick tour of our company and recommended some changes in our check handling process while he was in town. He struck me at the time as an arrogant jerk. He comes across as a little more likeable in the movie, but I stand by my first impression.

And since I stay in a motel when I visit my dad, I get to catch up on my cable TV viewing as well (no cable at the Aardvark burrow). Caught my first ever episodes of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Deadwood. Of those three, by far the most watchable was Six Feet Under and if I never see another episode it'd be perfectly alright. Deadwood was the least palatable of the shows. Maybe it's just me but I'm not used to my western serials sounding like they'd been spliced with the audio from Pulp Fiction. Take out the swearing and the dialogue would be more suited to Mel Brooks' Silent Movie. The story line was just as raw as the language. I kept thinking that if this was HBO's "Groundbreaking" new show, the ground they were breaking was just the thinly disguised crust on top of a cesspit. Perhaps some ground is better left unbroken.

The other thought that kept going through my head was that people actually pay to have this crap brought into their homes. Now THAT'S a business model. Kind of makes you want to go out and buy a cattle prod and start selling subscriptions - "for $30 a month, we'll come over to your house once a week and give you a jolt. What'd'ya say?"

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