Monday, April 19, 2004

It was a strange weekend

Good, but strange. I don't know why it felt so odd, maybe it was because Mrs. A intentionally left most of Saturday free from chores. Well, other than the couple of hours we worked in the yard, anyway. I had time for a nap, then we went out to eat (IHOP) and stopped at Blockbuster on the way home. I don't think we've been to blockbuster in six months. Checked out TWO movies (both adolescent in nature but only one was truly juvenile), went home and watched them both. Definitely not the normal Saturday night routine at the Aardvark burrow.

Sunday, it was up early (as per usual) and off to bell practice by 8 AM. By the time church was over, I was exhausted. Probably had something to do with only getting a couple hours sleep. My insomnia is returning. I'll eventually break down (not literally, I hope!) and go see the doctor, but I'm still 'a ways' from that.

So, it was naptime again for me. I woke to the sound of the piano playing. (Practicing must go on...I figure it's fair to let the kids practice when I nap. We never tiptoed around during their naps when they were little) I'm laying there, listening to the piano and when it's done, I hear the Youngest Aardvark Child say "I DID have the whole thing memorized!" (her piece for the upcoming recital) That's when I realized that the excellent piano playing I had heard came not from the Eldest Aardvark Child as I had thought, but from the YAC.

You have to understand that the EAC is a natural musician. She sits down and plays just about anything she wants with a minimum of fuss. She plays for one of the senior adult Sunday School classes every week before going to the Youth room. The YAC, on the other hand, struggles to conquer every note. She is FINALLY over her frustration of not being her sister, (She's had to talk me into letting her continue taking lessons on more than one occassion. Her mother and I were tired of the constant fight) and has accepted, I think, that she just has to work harder.

When I came out of the bedroom, I asked her if it was ok if I paid her a compliment that also complemented her sister. Naturally, she said yes. I told the YAC, "When I heard the piano playing a few minutes ago, I thought it was your sister." If her smile was any indication, she liked hearing that.

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