Friday, April 02, 2004

Interruption of service

Huh, what'd'ya know? It's Friday already. In case you wondered what happened to Thursday, it went something like this.

Mrs. A is taking some new anti-inflammatory meds for a sore hip (hope that's not TMI, honey) and began experiencing some of the side effects - unexpected weight gain, swelling around the eyes, exhaustion etc. - you know, the ones that indicate you should call your doctor immediately? She called the doctor at 8:30, and as is the case with most doctor's offices these days, she was able to immediately talk to ... an answering machine. Which said that, if the stars aligned just right, they might get back to you today. Maybe.

When I called to check on her around 10, she still had not heard back from the doctor. In addition she had been laying down when I called. Mrs. A NEVER lays down (unless threatened and bullied into it by a concerned husband). By 10:30 she had heard from one of the nurses (there are two, one is real friendly and concerned, the other is just doing her job. She got the second one) that she should stop taking the new medication and that the nurse would talk to the doctor to see if there was anything else she needed to do and call her back.

At 10:50 the nurse still hadn't called back and Mrs. A was feeling pretty low. I left work at 11.

Lunch was prepared, dishes were washed, (computer games were played to fill in the gaps), the unhelpful nurse called back to say there were no other instructions from the doctor, a grudging affirmation that yes, you could take Benedril to make you feel better if you want was obtained, Benedril was purchased and taken, children were picked up from school, errands were run, and dinner was cooked. Mrs. A got a pretty good nap in and sat and read a book. She began to perk up a little last night and this morning, while still not feeling great (more to do with allergy/sinus crud than anything else) she's at least not wiped out. Either that or she fakes it well.

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