Thursday, April 15, 2004

Answer me these riddles three

Well, it's time for the Thursday Three® again. So without further ado...

1) What three LIVING people from the South would you invite to your meal?

Clarence Thomas. I've developed an enormous respect for this man over the years. Having him over for some of Mrs. A's good cooking would be an honor of the highest order.

Billy Graham. Another guy who I would love to know personally. You know he has a million stories that few people have ever heard.

Dave Barry, Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy (Three way tie) Any one of these three would provide the necessary grease to keep the conversation flowing. Either that or they would be a source of awkward lulls. Priceless either way.

2) In recognition of Faulkner’s aphorism about the past not being dead and, in fact, not even being past, what three DEAD people from the South (aside from Faulkner) would you invite to your meal? (Assuming, of course, that they would not show up like extras from Dawn of the Dead, but rather would show up in the form they held before leaving their corporeal habitation and advancing to their ultimate reward.)

Mark Twain. Missouri is South, right? Manners of a gentleman, wit like a knife. The perfect dinner guest.

Audie Murphy. The ultimate hero for the common man.

Elvis Presley. He is dead, isn't he? What kind of party would it be without some music? Besides, I'm hoping he'll bring along some jelly doughnuts for dessert.

3) After the warm conviviality of your feast has been deeply shared by all, what sort of postprandial parlor games would you employ to entertain your guests?

Outburst. Definitely. Or Scattergories. Maybe Scrabble. (Although Mrs. A would probably like Win, Lose or Draw better)

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