Sunday, March 21, 2004


Well, I came in to the office this afternoon to see what kind of damage would be waiting for me on Monday morning. My access card still worked on the gate and the front door, so I guess I'm still employed. Surprisingly, there were only four voice-mails (none of which required a follow-up) and 40 or so emails (of which five will need my attention tomorrow). Looks like things won't be too bad ... but you never know what other little "treasure" might be waiting for me to be told about in person.

(She looked at me funny! Nuh uh. Uh huh... Ah, the joys of supervising.)

Don't know how much blogging there will be tomorrow, but I'm not prepared to call it a total loss yet.

I did use the rest of my time this afternoon to catch up with what all of y'all did last week. Good thing I'm a fast reader, since SOME of you are quite prolific. No, I'm not naming names. YOU know who you are.

I'll see you later.

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