Wednesday, March 03, 2004

That's MR. Led to you

One of the attorneys where I work is in her late twenties. My boss, who just turned forty, was talking to her yesterday and mentioned something along the lines of, "That reminds me of that Led Zeppelin song." To which the young attorney replied, "I'm not familiar with him."


(Of course the answer I would have given is that he is Lynyrd Skynyrd's brother)

The first time I realized I was no longer mainstream when it came to music was about 1986 (so I was what? all of 24?). I tend to sing a lot at work. One coworker commented, "Sitting next to LittleA is like living in a musical." Like there's anything WRONG with that. The problem is, I'm TERRIBLE with lyrics, usually only remembering snippets. It's rare that I know more than just a couple of lines. Another coworker calls this "chronic lyricosis". Sounds right to me. Anyway, I am very much a word association guy so when people talk it sets off all this music in my head. (At least my voices are put to music!)

Anyway, back to the point (like that ever matters), in 1986 one of the young ladies in the office said something that started me to singing Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are". She looked at me and asked, "Have you been listening to your K-Tel records again?"


What's worse is that you youngsters out there will read this and ask, "What's K-Tel? I don't get it."


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