Friday, March 12, 2004

Not LittleA

Somebody has been posting comments over at Possumblog as Not LittleA and people think it's me! Just because Terry is running a contest and I happen to be one of the contestants (and contrary to the rumors, I don't even OWN a Speedo), and this Not LittleA fellow seems to think I'm the bestest, most smartest, funniest, cleverest person in the contest, why should I be blamed?

Look, just because he has obviously good taste, doesn't mean that he is me. I mean, after all, just 'cause this Not LittleA guy happens to be perceptive and right-thinking doesn't mean that you should automatically assume the worst about me, right? So what if he happens to have the same IP address as me? That could be a coincidence, right? Why, for me to post gushing comments about me on another site using a clever pseudonym, I'd have to be a egocentric, narcissistic, puffed-up...


What are you looking at me like that for?

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