Friday, March 26, 2004


Jordana wrote about kissing the kids the other day and that reminded me of what goes on at our house.

First off, we still tuck our kids in bed and kiss them good night. I know they're 13 (and a half!) and almost 17, but they get all bent out of shape if we DON'T. Sometimes you just don't mess with tradition. (like I want to?) If for some reason (like one of us is sick) the goodnight kiss is missed, you have to double-up the next night so you don't fall behind.

Secondly, it is not unusual for me to leave for work in the morning and face a line-up of women who demand to be kissed before I leave. So I kiss the YAC, kiss the EAC, and then KISS (if you know what I mean) Mrs. A. That's it right? Only three women in the house. Nope. By the time I'm through kissing the missus (now come doesn't take THAT long), the YAC has moved around to be next in line. And the EAC likewise. Not to let the kids get the upper hand, Mrs. A will also take another turn. Sometimes I have to say, "Stop. I have to go to work" to be able to get out the door. (Not that I'm complaining or anything. It's a good problem to have.)

And then sometimes, just to be ornery (ME? ORNERY?) instead of the traditional peck on the lips, I'll give them a little raspberry (I call it a 'splurtz'. Don't know just seems to fit) peck instead. "Hey," they'll say, "that doesn't count! I want a real moochie." (Don't tell them, but really it's just my way of getting extra smooch now and then.)


I was always an affectionate kid. I think I sat on my mom's lap even when I was in high school. And gave her kisses almost every day. My sisters used to tell me, "I hope you wind up marrying a woman who doesn't mind being mauled with all that huggin' and smoochin'." It took a while to understand each other, but Mrs. A and I seem to manage just fine.

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