Thursday, March 11, 2004

I voted 15 times on Tuesday

Well, not really. That would be illegal.

The statewide turnout for Tuesday's primary was about 12.5%. Tarrant county had no real barn-burner local races and turnout here was a paltry 6.5%. That's where the 15 came from. 1/15 of the eligible voters participated. What's really sad is that the State House seat for my district had 595 people vote - from 64 precincts. Less than 10 votes per precinct. Won't stop the non-voters from complaining loudly, though.

I knew turnout was going to be real light when Mrs. A told me that at 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, her vote was number 26. And there were three precincts voting at our polling place. Three precincts - 26 votes. That's pathetic.

(I'm sure the final count was higher, but probably not too much since 595/64 = 9.3 votes per precinct and 26/3 = 8.67 votes per precinct.)


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