Monday, March 08, 2004

I know you won't believe this

But I performed not one, but TWO mechanical/home repair type tasks this weekend. Then I had to lie down for a while.

Item #1 was handled right after dinner on Friday night. The EAC's light, which is part of the ceiling fan, wouldn't stay on. The fan worked fine, but the light would wink on and off intermittently. "That's probably the pull-switch acting up" says I, much to the amazement of passers-by. So, with the wall switch off, but the breaker still on, I disconnected the old pull-switch, making sure that wire A was as far away from wire B as possible. Now, I know I SHOULD have turned the breaker off just to be safe, but c'mon, what could possible happen. To me. It's not like I have a whole history of ineptitude or any...thing... Oh, wait... I do.

Anyway, I managed to take the old switch out without electrocuting myself, (I TOLD you the wall switch was off) and so a quick trip to the hardware store down the street and $5.00 later

(Yeah, I know that's too much to pay, but it was worth it not to have to deal with all the traffic to get to Home Depot, not to mention the extra time I'd have spent wandering the aisles with that panicked 'I don't belong here' look. At least the hardware store employs enough folks to almost always have someone give you immediate attention if you need it, and if anybody needs it, brother, it's me.)

it was back home again to do the installation. Mrs. A INSISTED that I turn the breaker off before I touched anything. I couldn't quite catch it, but I think she was muttering something like, "You ain't leaving me with these danged kids, Mister!" under her breath. Some people have no faith. So I fiddled around with the breaker box (like THAT'S safe!) and managed to find the right one on only the second try, seeing as how only half of them are labeled (plus one now). New switch went in and guess what? The light works! SWEET! I even got my hands a little dirty in the process!

Item #2 was to open up the vacuum cleaner to figure out why it didn't suck. (Insert Bill & Ted or Beavis & Butthead joke here) It just hasn't been picking up like it should. Found one problem right away. The beater-brush was wrapped up tight with long, fine, red hair. (The YAC sheds like a cat) Fixed that, then figured I might better dig a little deeper. Five screws later and I had the top cover off and had the intake path cleared out of what little junk there was. Nothing there that should degrade performance. Decided that's about as far as I should go, since the motor was a) well covered b) difficult to get to and c) I wouldn't have a clue anyway. So, I put it back together, and took it apart to realign pieces, and put it back together, and took it apart, and put it back together, ::sigh::, and took it apart, and FINALLY put it back together. The test run did show some improvement in performance (mostly related to the beater-brush), but it still doesn't suck like it should. Not only did I get my hands REAL dirty, but I also had a pounding headache by the time I was done. That's where the part about lying down comes in.

Anyway, that's about as handy as I get. Fortunately for me, Mrs. A has grown kinda fond of me, so she keeps me around and feeds me regularly anyway.

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