Monday, March 01, 2004

For the record

Since it seems these days that you can't say anything without someone else saying
Well, yes, but you didn't say anything when THIS happened, or when THAT happened, so why are you speaking up now?
I wish to publicly state that I, LittleA, am against everything everyone has ever done, or will do.

Thank you.

Seriously, though, criticizing people for what they HAVEN'T said is not really a valid argument as much as it is an obfuscation. If I say that Rep. Corrine Brown's comments to Roger Noriega were out of line, pointing out that I haven't commented on what Trent Lott said matters how exactly? It doesn't invalidate my opinion on Rep. Brown's comments but merely attempts to change the subject to whether or not I'm even ALLOWED to have an opinion.

If you're feeling especially lucky, try this line of reasoning on the police officer the next time you're pulled over for speeding: "There were other people speeding and you didn't pull THEM over." Good luck with that.

Remember, your AAA card can be used as a Bail Bond Certificate.

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